Athlete Highlight: Amanda Bowdoin


Have you always been into sports? If so what did you play, events you done, fitness routines you have tried?

At 10 years of age, my father asked me if I wanted to join him in Tae Kwon Do. I was scared and didn’t know how to defend myself and started working out with him. We would work out 3 times a week and I loved it. I got my black belt at the age of 15 on March 15, 10 days before my 16th birthday. I then started going to competitions on Forms and Sparring and enjoyed that. I kept this up until I was 22 , after that I didn’t work out until I was much older and had children. In June of 2013, I decided after seeing my weight over 300lbs, I needed to do something. I started working out at the Y and later to Get Fit. The first step was to make a goal which was running a 5K and have never stopped.

Biggest CF Accomplishment?

When I first came to BCCF, I was very scared and didn’t know if I could do it. After 6 months, I have made and continued to make progress. My biggest accomplishment was having a PR of  120lbs on Bench-press. I never thought I could do something like that.

CF Goal for the future?

To be able to do a full toe to bar and a box jump. I had started off on the box jumps using just 1 plate and already up to 3-4 plates which is almost to the box. With the help of instructors and motivation I get from everyone, I know I can do it.

Favorite Past Time?

I have an amazing family who love and support me. I love spending time with them, especially my 10 year old daughter and son. My daughter loves to encourage me and always ask how my workout is and what I did. She is my cheerleader and will be joining me in my runs to run her first 5K. My son, who is special needs is deaf but knows when I come home from working out, he always smiles and signs to me happy. He has been to some of my races and actually done 2 races with me. He is my motivation. My husband is already seeing what a difference BCCF has been for me and is now interested in what he can do.

Favorite Cheat Meal?

I love going to Wings Stop, but I only go after a long run, ride or a big race.

What would you tell someone who is scared to try Cross fit?

I always tell people to just come and watch. Watch the instructors and how they support the ones working out. You will never know unless you just try. The instructors will modify for you and help you achieve your goals. Just don’t give up! You will see goals, make friends and have fun.
Kelly, BCCF Endurance Coach, had this to say about Amanda: “Amanda is part of the BCCF Endurance program. We have not only seen an improvement in her fitness at the gym but also in her swims, rides, and runs. Amanda works hard and continues to get stronger, faster, & leaner!! She is an inspiration & very motivating to our BCCF athletes. She pushes hard and never gives up! Good job!!”