joshJosh Harper

Owner // CrossFit Level 2 Trainer // CrossFit Football Coach // CrossFit Scaling Certified Specialist //OPEX CCP Programming // CCP Athlete Assesment // CCP Business Systems

CrossFit rejuvenated Josh’s life in 2012 after a few years of wondering around normal gym settings without much success. He is a former collegiate baseball player that loves the competitive environment, which fit perfectly for the world of CrossFit.

Josh loves coaching and working with people of all levels of fitness. He becomes inspired by the success of those that believe it was not there to be had. “It is great to see the high level athlete attain great achievements in competitions, but just as awesome to see the person just starting out on their journey to receive their very first pull up or complete a mile run without stopping.”

Favorite Workout: Nasty Girls
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Preferred Training Music: Something hard, rock or rap. But occasionally got to go with some good red dirt country!
Outside Gym: When not at the gym, usually coaching baseball, teaching high school or binge watching netflix.