joshJosh Harper

Owner // CrossFit Level 2 Trainer // CrossFit Football Coach // CrossFit Scaling Certified Specialist //OPEX CCP Programming // CCP Athlete Assesment // CCP Business Systems //Nutrition Coach

CrossFit rejuvenated Josh’s life in 2012 after a few years of wondering around normal gym settings without much success. He is a former collegiate baseball player that loves the competitive environment, which fit perfectly for the world of CrossFit.

Josh loves coaching and working with people of all levels of fitness. He becomes inspired by the success of those that believe it was not there to be had. “It is great to see the high level athlete attain great achievements in competitions, but just as awesome to see the person just starting out on their journey to receive their very first pull up or complete a mile run without stopping.”

Favorite Workout: Nasty Girls
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Preferred Training Music: Something hard, rock or rap. But occasionally got to go with some good red dirt country!
Outside Gym: When not at the gym, usually coaching baseball, teaching high school or binge watching netflix.


Aimee Ventura

Level 1 Trainer // Special Olympics Coach for Basketball, Track, & Bowling

I have been a teacher for Dallas ISD for 19 years as an Adapted Physical Education Teacher. What I realized when I started CrossFit in August of 2014 was that the body was capable of so much more and Crossfit was going to get me in the best shape of my life. I love how CrossFit can improve your overall performance in all areas of fitness. CrossFit has turned into a passion for me and I love sharing that passion with others by motivating them. It is such a thrill to see people push themselves physically and do things they never imagined they would be able to do. And, being a part of their CrossFit journey is simply amazing!

Favorite Workout: DT and Karen
Favorite Drink: Tea
Preferred Workout music — any kind of rock and top 40
Outside Gym: Love going to Cowboy games or any kind of sporting event.




Raven Barrett

CrossFit Level 1// Gymnastic Coach

Raven was a competitive artistic gymnast for nine years, then coached in the sport for an additional two years. After starting a family, she decided to dive back into fitness in 2014, and in 2015 fitness friends introduced her to CrossFit during the open.

She shares, “CrossFit gave me an opportunity to tune into my competitive edge again. Even better, the community behind CrossFit pushed me in ways that I couldn’t do on my own, and that support system helped me tap into potential I never knew I had as an athlete. And the best part is witnessing everyone else’s excitement upon experiencing that same feeling while being a part of their support system!”

Raven is currently certified in Massage Therapy and is in pursuit to getting her license. She plans on specializing in sports massage to help athletes heal, recover, and progress in their fitness journeys. When she’s not in the CrossFit box, she’s enjoying playing at the park, watching youtube videos, and devouring ice cream with her husband and two kids.

Dillon Cartwright

CrossFit Level 1// EMT// Firefighter
24 y/o male
I like long walks on the beach and getting froyo at least three times a week. My favorite time of year is spring, I hate the cold.
I played baseball for at least 18 years and played 1 season in college. I first saw CrossFit on ESPN at 2am and instantly fell in love with the concept of having to be good at every aspect to be considered the “fittest.” After my first year of college I decided to become a firefighter. I’m currently a firefighter/paramedic.
I started crossfit in 2016, with full intention to be the best athlete I can be. I have always been into working out my whole life but nothing has allowed me to be so versatile and well rounded as an athlete.
I received my Level One Certification in the summer of 2017 with full intention to utilize the knowledge to become the best athlete I can be and help others reach their personal goals. Since I started coaching, I get the most gratification from seeing other people succeed and do things they thought they could never do.
Favorite Workout: DT or Amanda
Favorite Drink: Any whiskey and coke or Craft Beers
Preferred Training Music: Christian Rap/Rock
Outside gym:  Anything active (hiking, playing sports, utilizing my fitness, hanging out with friends and family and CrossFit Family.) Enjoy independent studying of CrossFit and medicine

Clarissa Espinoza

Nutrition Coach// Bachelor’s Degree Nutrition and Foods with concentration in Dietetics 

Attended Texas State University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Foods with a concentration in Dietetics. During Clarissa’s time there she was an active member of the Student Nutrition Organization and nominated as Publicist for the Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society. She currently works at Stagen Leadership Academy, helping executives bring humanity back into the corporate world. She has been doing CrossFit for 2 years between other fitness routines, and consistently for the past year. “I love CrossFit because it keeps me in great shape, and I am still able to do fun runs from time to time. Overall wellness is my passion. Mind, body, and spirit all play a part when it comes to CrossFit. If you don’t have one, you will not reach your full potential. “
Favorite Workout: Running
Favorite Drink: Tequila
Preferred training music: 2000s Hip Hop
Outside Gym: I love to read a good book, or just socialize out with great friends and family!



Roy Ching

USAT Level One // Run & Swim Coach

Roy has coached people from all levels of running from their first 5k all the way to their first marathon. He has over 24 years of running. His running career includes two years of collegiate cross country, along with multiple marathons and many wins in various running races. Roy is also a local cross country coach for Waxahachie Preparatory Academy’s middle school and high school. Roy provides both run and swim analysis. He has helped many complete and PR their competitive event.

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