Triathlon TrainingAre you an Ironman? A weekend warrior? Just dabble in triathlons? Have you wondered if you are getting the most out of your training?

CrossFit is quickly becoming a global phenomenon in the fitness world and it is for one reason. It works. However if you are an endurance athlete like a triathlete you may be asking yourself if CrossFit can help or hurt your training. Luckily we are here to answer your questions on how CrossFit can benefit triathletes.

One of the biggest benefits of CrossFit is its ability to fix imbalances in your body. If you have strength issues, keeping the correct posture in running or on the bike will cause fatigue as well as put you at risk for injury.

Strength Training specific for Edurance Athletes

Adding a program of strength training like squats, deadlifts and pushups can help identify your deficiencies in mobility,  joint range of motion and muscle flexibility. You may be thinking to yourself, why would I need to squat or dead lift? Your legs are going to do the lion’s share of the work on race day. The stronger they are the longer they will last, especially in the run portion.   Think about any little hills on the course, this is where your newfound leg strength will help you out.

Another benefit is injury prevention. All of the strength training you will do requires proper mechanics. You will need to have excellent mobility to perform these movements. Mobility is one of the biggest issues for not just Triathletes but athlete’s period. If you body is not moving optimally then you are putting yourself at risk for injury all the time.

Finally a strong posterior chain is what is going to make the difference in your recovery from the bike ride into the run. Volume of training on the swim, bike and run is not going to achieve this. Trading in some of that volume for the strength and conditioning that CrossFit offers will create that strong posterior chain needed for the bike to run transition.

So to answer the question, yes CrossFit may be the missing piece to your training. If you have felt like you were close to making a difference in your racing but can’t seem to find that missing piece and more miles on the road aren’t helping, try giving CrossFit Strength and Conditioning a try to help round out your routine. Its fun, and we race against the clock as well.



One of the major components to your recovery is Nutrition. How, what, & when you are fueling? When we start bringing the overall training volume up, by adding on CFE WODs — Nutrition needs to start playing a larger role in your daily life. Topics to be discussed: pre/post WOD nutrition, supplementation, race day fuel, becoming a fat burning machine, etc. Information/Recipes will be posted on BCCF’s CFE Group Facebook page. Click here for more info on nutrition coaching.


BCCF Indoor Cycling Class

Classes included with Endurance Membership. Click here for more details on our cycling class.

 20% off for WRC, Waxahachie Triathlon Group, and Waxahachie Bike Club members. We support our local endurance clubs! This brings the price down to $79/month. Must provide proof of membership.

CFE WOD (Workout of the Day)

BCCF offers CFE classes Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 5:00 AM & Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. The class uses the same high intensity training methodology of CrossFit, but modified to eliminate the dedicated heavy lifting and technical Olympic lifting in order to meet the need of all people who seek functional fitness. We will focus on high energy workouts balanced with elements of strength (focusing on max effort & dynamic effort weightlifting), mobility, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular endurance to produce optimal results. With careful planning, our training plan increases  power and speed while decreasing recovery time, reducing injury and promoting preservation of lean tissue.

The programming is structured, sport-specific, and integrated with CrossFit principles like weightlifting, gymnastic movements, explosive activity, and mobility-based support. The CFE WODs will build a strong core/foundation, develop top-end power, & prepare you for any endurance activity without breaking down your body.

Latest Workouts

04212016 BC Endurance

04212016 BC Endurance

Buffalo Creek Endurance This type of brick is one of the best ways to prepare your mind and body for the rigors of a short-course race (sprint/Olympic). Time to work on transition from the bike to the run and achieving your goal 5 k pace immediately off of the bike. Metabolic  Conditioning - Brick Work 3-5 Intervals5 min Ride (1 min easy, 4 min race pace)800 m Run (5 k goal pace)
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04192016 BC Endurance

04192016 BC Endurance

Buffalo Creek Endurance   Strength 1 a: Weighted Step-ups (4 x 6 reps per leg) 1 b: Renegade Rows (4 x 10 reps )Metabolic Conditioning For Time:1000m Row50 Thrusters 45/3530 KBS 53/35 Congrats Roy!!!! 3rd Place in age group at the Caveman Tri this wknd.
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04142016 BC Endurance

04142016 BC Endurance

Buffalo Creek CrossFit - CrossFit EnduranceStrength (S)1A: Seated DB Press (5 x 8 reps )Strength (S)1B: Hammer Curls (5 x 10 reps)MetconHelen (Time)3 Rounds for time of: 400m Run 21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35# 12 Pull-upsEXTRA Core WorkMetcon (No Measure)4 Rounds 25 Overhead Leg Raises 45 sec Plank 30 DUs or 90 Singles
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04122016 BC Endurance

04122016 BC Endurance

Buffalo Creek CrossFit - CrossFit Endurance IntentionIncrease speed, power and leg strength. Proper deadlift mechanics. Hamstring engagement. Deadlifts will teach the athlete how to properly maintain neutral spinal position and core engagement thru a large range of motion. Strength (S) Deadlift (Find your 5 Rep Max in 20min)Suggested WU as follows: 6 @ 50% – 4 @ 60% – 4 @ 70% then build!Accessory Work: 4 x 20 Front Rack Lunges alternating legs @ 40% of 1 RM or light to medium load4 x 10 Evil Wheels4 x ME V-upsRest as needed between sets. NOT FOR TIME.Metabolic Conditioning: 7 Minutes of Burpees (AMRAP - Reps)max reps 
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Private Endurance Coaching

Private Endurance Coaching is an amazingly effective complement to your sport-specific training program. Kelly Rozier, BCCF’s CFE program director, will work with you to identify and clarify your athletic goals, assess your movement, and design a program specifically targeted at improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths, all with an eye toward improving your sport-specific skills. Customized training plans provided. Click here for more info on remote online coaching.

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