CrossFit Kids is a program designed specifically for kids & teens, ages 8 & up.  With tailored programs for each age range, CrossFit provides a fun, challenging and supportive environment for youngsters and teens to make measurable improvements in their fitness.

CrossFit’s broad and inclusive definition of fitness makes our Kid/Teen programs appropriate for everyone from the less active to the competitive athlete.  Our constant variety, hands-on coaching and focus on technique ensure that participants increase their all-around athleticism, improving fitness for all sports and for life in general.   At the same time, kids and teens will gain confidence by mastering complex movements that may have once seemed unattainable.

CrossFit Kids is taught by BCCF coaches with specialized certificates in children’s fitness.


What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids lays the foundation for a lifelong love of fitness where kids gain confidence and learn teamwork through games that teach safe, functional movements.  Each class is different, so kids never get bored.  There’s always something new to master and the novelty of each new workout keeps them excited about participating.

Kids are also taught about nutrition.  It’s nice for kids and teens to hear about the importance of eating vegetables and protein from someone other than their parents.  BCCF’s Registered Dietitian, Kelly Rozier, will help each child develop a healthy relationship with food.


CrossFit Kids (ages 8-up)

The fundamentals of CrossFit are introduced at this level – box jumps, burpees, wall balls, throwing, swinging, pulling, etc.  At this age, children build strength through safe, repetitive motion emphasizing body-weight movements. This class steps up the intensity but still keeps things fun.  Kids work in teams or against the clock to complete fun full-body workouts.  This class is perfect for those that want to build overall conditioning for a specific sport, or those that are still searching for their sport.

CrossFit Kids develops the full-body strength, mobility, lateral stabilization muscles and explosive power to give teens the edge! Kids/Teens will gain confidence and reduce injury risk while learning the link between nutrition and performance. Classes are suitable for everyone from serious competitors to those just seeking to get a great workout.

Who is it For?

In keeping with the spirit of CrossFit, CrossFit Kids is for kids of all abilities, from serious competitors to those who have yet to hit their athletic stride.  CrossFit Kids will improve your child’s athletic conditioning while boosting self-confidence, focus, strength, and coordination.  CrossFit conditioning will help your child excel in a given sport, or for many, CrossFit becomes their sport.

What is the Schedule?

New schedule coming soon!

We understand that each kid is different, so if your child is on the edge of the age-range, we are definitely open to talking about allowing him/her into the class.

What is the monthly cost?

  •  $55 – members, $75- non-members

*** 20% discount for siblings

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