What is CrossFit like at Buffalo Creek?

At Buffalo Creek CrossFit we have a very large and varied community consisting of: students, full-time moms, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, lawyers, business executives, professional / amateur athletes, young children and grand parents. The beautiful thing about CrossFit training is that all of these different demographics can do the same workout, in the same room together because CrossFit is universally scalable depending on your current fitness level.

CrossFit at its core is:

  • Constantly Varied: We never repeat the same workout two days in a row. Routine is the enemy.
  • Functional Movements: We use exercises that are safe, natural and applicable to everyday living.
  • High Intensity: While intensity is relative to the individual; it is the independent variable most closely associated with adaptation. Positive change in your fitness won’t happen reading a magazine on a treadmill!

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just improve your general health and fitness our expert coaching staff can get you there. Each of our classes is led by a certified CrossFit Coach.  Need additional help outside of class? No problem! Just pull a coach aside and ask away. We are here for you and we care about your goals.

BCCF’s programming is created by Coach Josh Harper. Having a certification in James Fitzgerald’s OPEX Program Design, Josh incorporates what he has learned in order to provide the athletes of BCCF with the best training and effective results possible.

Workout Programming:

  • Programs based on client needs and goals
  • Understanding of energy systems, how to prioritize and intertwine within a program
  • Understanding of different tools to accomplish energy system demands as well as skill based vs. intensity based training
  • Understanding of the science behind tempo/sets/reps/rest
  • Results from the assessments taken during the On-Ramp course and collaborate them into the program design
  • Schedule frequency of training, periodization and intensity/volume
  • Understanding the importance of prioritization in program design
  • Delivering the program design to the clients in a concise, effective manner


Waxahachie CrossFit

What to Expect at each Class

  • All CrossFit classes are one hour in duration six days a week.
  • Each class is led by a Certified CrossFit Coach.
  • Think you can just blow off coming to the gym? Think again! We will call you if we notice you are not coming in. We want you to come in and lead a happier, healthier life.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Be accountable for yourself. Do what you should do and do it correctly
  • Integrity: Live what you belive
  • Community: We rise by lifting others
  • Leadership: Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.
  • Consistency: Consistent action creates consistent results.

What sets us apart from other Fitness Gyms

  • Learn from the experts on Health & Fitness.
  • Test the margins of your own experience and redefine success.
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